Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ok ahem.. Its been a while nw.. In few more hours my parents will b here hehe.. Which means good food for me..

Ok.. So i lost my phone last two weeks but thank God for new hp hehe.. Which i used nw to type ths post haha.. And fyi, my pc decided to die few days ago.. Wht a month..

Anihoot.. I watched the day the earth stood still, my review.. Its just another average movie.. This movie has no peak moment or whtsoever tht can make ur adrenaline rushed to ur head.. Ow and ow.. I watched it with new friend.. Haha.. Gv him credit for teman me watch movie at ungodly hour..

Oh yeah.. The other day, i think early dec.. I was working and this aunt with her 2 kids come.. So they got into conversation.. And the end bfore they left shop, her son said, 'whteva my dad says is right coz he is my dad' wow! Im amazed! Indeed there is power in words tht we say, esp if u r strong figure in one's life.. Wow! I must say tht it teach me really to control my tongue..

Have i mentioned my reward workin in 1u? Beside some free drinks, new friend n loads of rare funny incidents tht make me laugh so hard.. I love to see beautiful n strong relationship tht is in some of my customers.. It really makes me so grateful of wht i hv and God is so good..

Aniway.. Its late.. Hehe.. Ow ya im addicted to caffeine..

Signing off~~

Thursday, December 11, 2008

vanity O vanity

hummm.... my blog has been classified as the vanity blog because all i blog about is my life that no one cares... hehehe well.... how le?

thts it..vanity it is.. when i write something meaningful, my PC decided to fail me... ok la... vanity it is then...


seriously i will post it tomorrow ok? hahaha now i am too tired to start it all over again...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

me and my Iced Caramel Machiato, Large, and Low Fat Milk..

starbucks... me lovin' it... :D

liverpool won 3-1

my mom will buy me Guess jacket that i love so much...

is it the best day or what?

i got mission tomorrow.. big one.. :D