Monday, August 25, 2008

rainy days..

past few days have been rainy ones... its chilling in the morning and makes me harder to wake up in the morning...

it was a beautiful morning yesterday, a perfect weather to just tug in to my blanket and cuddle inside and sleep.. dream a beauty dream.. yet, i got a phone call to come to church office... i could have declined that request and just continued to do my agenda.. but its just in my blood to be a lovey-nice person... hence, the "yes" proceed out from my mouth...

but, all good thing has its reward in its own way.. my reward, its unbelievable.. :) but its for me to know and for u to guess..

sometimes, what we want distract us from our main agenda.. yes, thats what i am facing rite now, its now easy to keep myself on track, sometimes i got too distracted, that i need to slap myself real hard..

ok on random side, whats wrong with malaysian drivers? u tell me? i mean, seriously, first they don have sense of measurement is it? they can park their car so out of the box that sometimes the neighboring cars have difficulty to come in or out... i mean, when you park ur car, before u got down the car, please check lar! or, if u just cant park, my advice, dont drive!!!! parking is a essential skill u need kay?

and they love to put high light one oh? do u know its very annoying for the car from the opposite side? i almost bang a car on my left side coz the car coming towards me on the high light! stupiak! i mean, u want to on, on a while, check the road thts it... need not on it all the way lar! annoying!!!!!!!!!!! if u dunno the rules, dont drive either!

ugh! sorry ler malaysian, not to be bias, but i have kept this for so long! i think malaysian drivers need to buck up! hahaha.. :P

i am hungry and sleepy..

signing off~~

Friday, August 22, 2008

i think i should just marry Paris...

i love my hairstylist.. i think GOd is just trying to tell me not to do hair extension.. hahaha.. sadly he doesnt do hair extension, tho he said he will intro me to his friend in midvalley.. but still, the tot of letting other do my hair is kinda scary (ya ya ya say im weird)... he quoted, "its ok mah, u only go to see him once only"...

well anihow, since i wont be getting any hair extension, i got my hair highlighted.. not so obvious tho coz i dun want to be too extreme.. btw, Paris said, extension can up to RM1000... wow! i am the el-cheapo wont spend my money on blardy stranger's hair glued to my hair.. hahaha..

btw, after i done with my hair, it was raining cat and dog.. hehehehe... just a bit of weather info only nothing to do with anything..

i bought my final pair of jeans.. hehe.. yay with this complete the things i wanna buy... and that also ended my shopping spree... i love the jeans.. tho i have to really killed my wallet... for the next few weeks i will be eating indomee.. yummy.. indomee...

oh btw, today for the first time Paris actually washed my hair, i feel very awkward lar... haahaha... i am not used with someone i know to serve me ler..... i know its very random now.. hahaha..

btw the happy things is... someone i know.. eh wait... two person i know now is a couple.. hahahaha... i better take chance to tease them while i can..

and.... good news... petrol is now RM2.55 effective tomorrow.. hehehe.. i tell u... i am rejoicing.... Pak Lah... i love you... hehehe..

lalala... i think i am cute.. hahahahaha..

btw today i watched "Animal School Musical".. super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cartoon version of Highschool musical...

ok peeps, in 2 weeks time i will receive my canada trip picture.. ehehe.. woo hoo.. i got some good shot there.. and wuala i will receive a box of indomee.. oh mama mia~~

ok to all single ppl out there, here's a song for you:

g'day all..

Thursday, August 21, 2008


oh no... my desire grows stronger each day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehehe.. i am sleepy but i am happy coz our fashion team giving a lot of improvement already.. :D

signing off...


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cinta Dalam Hati By. Ungu

Mungkin ini memang jalan takdirku,
mengagumi tanpa dicintai,
tak mengapa bagiku,
saat kaupun bahagia dalam hidupmu, dalam hidupmu

telah lama kupendam perasaan itu
menunggu hatimu, menyambut diriku
tak mengapa bagiku,
cintamu pun adalah bahagia untukku, bahagia untukku

kuingin kau tahu,
diriku disini menanti dirimu
meski kutunggu hingga ujung waktuku
dan berharap rasa ini kan abadi untuk selamanya

dan ijinkan aku memeluk dirimu
kali ini saja
tuk ucapkan selamat tinggal untuk selamanya
dan biarkan rasa ini bahagia untuk sekejap saja

Sunday, August 17, 2008

new experience!

i am tired... :) but it was a fun and great experience to sweat and to kick ball around the field hahaha.. futsal rocks! i love playing with great ppl with great sportmanship... :) SMU cluster rocks!

i love the way we unite our heart just to win.. hahaha mb can consider to play again next year..but to be honest.. very tired... :P almost got cramp oh my leg..

it was a great experience.. and another amazing experience awaiting for us is the fashion design competition.. :D i love i love i love i love i love... me love! we really hope that we can win hahaha.. but what i treasure so much is the time we spend together.. brainstorming together... and also.. i really thank God for a wonderful team members esp easter for her time and her effort.. she has all the reason to say no.. but she is a lovely girl that really put a great effort and thought in to this competition... also a big hug to yvone, feli, and pretty sandy... :D i learn how to use curler iron, how to apply mouse and much more!

and also i am very happy today... :D my hero looks very hensemm... hahahaha...... ok lar stop it liao..

i need my rest.. i need my rest

btw i really love my CG.. they are the best bunch i've ever met! you guys rock my life!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jacky Cheung, me love!

i've been youtube-ing for 2 days already... and i began to remembered how i adore jacky cheung back in high school.. i have almost his album starting from early 90s... wow! now i know why.. till now i still like him but i just seldom updated myself on his news.. sadly, because of that i missed his world tour concert in KL back in 2007 ugh! i dunno when will he make a come back, considering he is now 47 years old...

he has a great voice and true up to now, none of HK artiste can beat his record! and more than that, he is just so down to earth man!

i love jacky.. i think i will begin to collect his CD again.. hehehehe... he is just awesome! man! now i know why i like him.. just because of one of his song that my bro accidentally found on the radio i can admire this much! yesh, he is that good!

many ppl judge him for not being able to play any instrument or composing song, but hey, he is just good, his voice is good and to be honest, he is just talented! is his gift! u can actually recognize his voice.. not many singer can have that!

gosh! God can i meet him? hehehehehe..

ok... this is one the song i like... :)

go and check it out.. and you'll know why i love him so much and why many ppl out there admire him and why he is acknowledge as God of singer in HK... hehehe... i know the title a bit too much.. but hey i think he deserve it and somemore he still can maintain his quality for 2 decades and more! and he is not too cocky for the achievements he has so far... what a great man he is!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

smile-ish me...

how many times i smile today? a LOT! i smile to myself.... i got poisoned already! someone out there help me... :p

my heart...

lately so many things i wanna pen down...

to be honest, its been years since i have this kind of feeling.... and i kinda dunno how to react properly... *blush*

the feeling of excitement knowing i will meet you. The feeling of happiness of having a glimpse of you.

i think i was blushing the other nite when i was with you... do you know how hard was it for me to talk to u like normal?

its been so long since my mind wonder around.. since my mind go to the fairy tales land.. for too long i've been living in the realistic world...

i have a small prayer in my heart for so long... can i be the one for you? can i be the one that will bring joy and love to ur life? can i be the one that will put that kind of smile on your face?

i have a small prayer in my heart for so long... can you be the one that stand by me? can you be the one that will hold my hands thru thick and thin?

even from the way u calling me can make me flattered the whole day, cant stop thinking bout it..

even one SMS can made my day so bright...

i think, without i knowing it, you have a greater influence over my life this few years.... do u know that?

if i could... if i could make a selfish prayer... i want to tell my dear Abba that i want to be with you... Abba, can i? regardless of what people says, i believe what i see and what i feel strongly, one word from You is what i desired... :)

my feeling for you is getting stronger each day...

if i could, i wanna be the one that can touch ur heart and bring that smile...

can u open ur eyes and see me?

i am right here... mb you never know, i've looking up for u for as long as i know you..

admiration become crush, crush become like... i cant say love yet, but you know what, i just cant take my eyes off of you...

you got what i want, you know what you want in ur life and you know what u r doing... you are most importantly fear God and humble...

the way you respect people regardless your position, the way you appreciate people around you and the way you lead people... just make me even more sure of what i see in you..

if i rhyme a song.. this song will come out...
"nobody told me u feel so good,
no body said you'd be so beautiful,
no body warns me bout your smile,
you're the light, you're the light, when i close my eyes,
im colorblind,
you made me colorblind"

ah ok i better stop here.. else the emotion i've kept for years will come non stop.. better i dun open that gate eh?
wow wow wow... how oh? it requires faith and a lot of thick skin to actually doing this... u know... there is definite reason of why i keep my hair short... first, it easy to maintain and second of all i just dunno how to style my hair... see that is why i know people like Paris...

i feel my hair is kinda out of style liao hahaha...

i am tired...

and hungry...

when can i hv a greater calling again?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

randomly written @ odd hour...

today, as keith mentioned bout mentor over ourlives i couldnt resist but to cry a lil' bit... my heart pain... i suddenly miss greg so much... usually, i always able to see him sit somewhere in the sanctuary... hahahahaha.. well there is so much thing i just want to learn from him and its fun u know learning from someone so fun.. kekeke.. :P

well yesterday is a happy day for me hahahah but u know, i cant really share it out because hahahaha its just my personal thing.. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..see its hard when i cant share my joy.. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaaha..

i just finish my report, i feel that there is something missing from my report.. i hope its complete enough or i hope tomorrow morning i will have more revelation on the report.. :P

well... the situation back at home not so good but i thank God that somehow i see a light and that i believe God is making a change in my family.. :D i put my trust in You, Lord..

ok you know what, its 3.13 freaking am... soooo i gotta sleep and read some magz i just borrowed from sandy.. a lot of pretty pretty baju.. me like!

ow btw... i am forced to join futsal competition.. ahhhh i cant even run! haahahahaha... seriously... how? but as a good supporter of my own cluster i got no choice but to help them out... seriously... i panicking now hahaha.. jaya said just run and kick the ball hahahaha.. yeah !

dear God, can i?

signing off...

Monday, August 11, 2008

my heart, do u know it?

whats the problem with you?

whats with no open heart? you mean i cant take people's wrong doing? you mean i cant serve people as much as you do? hey, i know you have the heart for people, but dont put the situation as if i am doing it because i have other intention... if i have no heart for people, why would i take all the trouble?

its a total insult for me!

yes no doubt i really respect your attitude in serving and running the extra mile, but one thing i know for sure, and one thing i learn is that i know when to say no and when to delegate my task.... dont insult me when you dont even know what is inside my heart!

you know, if you are not my dearest friend, may be i will just insult you back in meaner way i could be!


but btw, i wont make it ruining my day.. hahahahahahahah i am just happy and i choose to be happy...


Sunday, August 10, 2008

oh happy day~~

today is a long day... very long day... since morning i have been driving around, basically if i count.. today i drive 150++ km... tired...

well, yesterday nite i sent alice to SJMC coz she was really sick and she got admitted there and then...

well what made me so pissed off was that the doctor there really have no sense of urgency, there alice was lying in pain and suffering, but they took their own sweet time doing some admin stuff, writing prescription or whatsoever lar... disregarding of what the sick ppl need... ugh! seriously, whats wrong with these doctors and nurses? and it took them like 30 minutes to prepare the injection for alice.. what?!!!!??? i am super mad!!!!!!!!

thank God she is well now and tomorrow can be discharge... thank God...

anihow.. today is a happy day.. i have conversation.. i have conversation..short one but meaningful... thank God.. hahahahahaha :P

i have great time with sandy too... hehehehe... she is one wonderful sister for me... glad to know her...

yeah, ladies and gentlemen, i am that tired now.. so signing off now.. muach..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

ghost, no?

ermmm lately.... i have this feeling very weird.. i dunno is it because of the hungry ghost festival that gives me the creepy feeling... but here's the deal.. it's been 4 days in a row (included this morning) i woke up at 4am (yesh, exactly 4am) feeling all creepy and uneasy.... of course compare to the time when i lived at my old house in indo, this is nothing lar... but i just feel something is not right.. is it because i have too much to think about? or just it is too hot at nite so that i woke up at that particular time? u tell me.. tonite.. if i wake up again at that no-mercy-hour.. i tell you, i will wait outside and see who disturb me....

well.... i dunno should i tell this or not.. hahahahahaha..

i've been bumping into some weird cases before (praise God i did not see "it", i faint i tell u)

see, i've been moving to 4 different places in 3 years time... so yeah, everyplace has it different story... (but thank God the last one confirm safe)....

but the most creepy one was my previous place... i have 4 continuous dreams about that place that gives me creepy feeling... and the dream was so real, EACH ONE OF IT... and... on one particular nite.............. i heard voices at 3am for about 30minutes (but that was the first and last time).. sadly, the next day i din hear anything as i was waiting in my room...

weird thing is, my housemate din feel whatsoever oh... what? not fair! hahaha but... my cousin and my sis came before and stayed there.. i din tell them anything bout my so called encounter as i din want to freak them out (very troublesome if they begged me to stay at 5-stars hotel haha).. one nite, my cousin did her laundry at a very odd hour (3am), she was sitting outside alone, suddenly she was shivering and felt uneasy... she forgo all her laundry and straight went to bed... i din know this till i moved out from that house and she brought this up suddenly during my holiday...

well... that just one... the one in my 2nd place in sunway not so scary lar... hahah but i also got this encounter where in that particular week, i woke up at midnite and felt someone is watching me! scary! i prayed till i fell to my sleep back...

wellllll.. i dunno why i end up with ghost story... but just as i tell you, this is all just my small encounter and i thank GOd that He is protecting me all the time..

Monday, August 04, 2008

Privacy, no?

what 's happening to the world nowadays?

ermmmm... i dunno whats wrong with the youngsters out there... seriously, do u guys even utilize ur brains?

i mean, i know its ur blog, its ur personal blog, u can write whateva u want, BUTTTT there are always certain things u should keep it low profile and private, for personal use only!

seriously, be it good thing or not or grey area, you must know the boundaries...

if something happened, u guys will start to justify urself and flaming others for not respecting ur privacy, if at the first place you expose ur private life.. how on earth u gonna be respected my dear?

esp girls lar... to be honest, what so good posting ur S*X life? know to protect urself girl, esp if you practicing S*X before marriage... i beg ur pardon, respect and protect urself... u r only harming urself... nothing to be proud of by doing it seriously... (I DO NOT PROMOTE PRE-MARITAL S*X , I STRONGLY AGAINST IT), love yourself girl...

what happened to the youngster nowadays?

this post is not aimed at one particular person, this written after i read several different blogs and notice this pattern...

not all will agree with me, this is just my 2 cents....