Thursday, July 23, 2009

it's thursday again...

my friend got married already... im happy for her, i do hope she and her husband have a wonderful and beautiful marriage.

i actually have so many question in my head for her but i think now that she is married already, i better keep those questions in my head and bless her with all my heart and my mind. :)

my nephew is so the cute and smart. ha ha ha.. how i adore him, but he still refuse to talk... he can but he doesnt want, what a strong character huh?

i have ordered 5 books through the internet, its a used book from UK mostly but its considerably cheap la considering that not all good books are available here in ASIA... but it does cost me a bomb to my ever-shrinking-bank-account... boo!!

actually i have few ideas in my head but its kinda hard to apply it in Indonesia (Asia, south east asia) because of the life style of the ppl... but u know what, with God everything is possible, i just need to sit down, plan, resourcing and action... voila i got my idea come to true. :)

gotta work hard!!! *keep on chanting*


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ting ting ting ting ting ting

-when we ask God for patience, what does God gives to us? it's opportunities to be patience-

just something to think about.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lunch or no lunch

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop is dead.... i know i am so late, but i just want to say rest in peace MJ... im not an avid fan of MJ, there are only few of his hit songs that i like such as 'beat it', 'black or white', 'heal the world' and 'you are not alone'; still when i got to know his death i was quite shock. again, many ppl were shocked upon learning his death, it is because his death was so sudden and that he was planning to go on coming back concert which million of ppl were anticipating it. well, nonetheless, rest in peace.

ha ha ha.. so cliche to actually start with MJ but its just something cross my mind...

i dunno why, it is mood swing or what, i just cant stand the fact that certain ppl out there is breaking in to my boundary.. i cant breathe wei.. give me a break would ya?

im craving for ajisen ramen volcano corn ramen, chicken karaage and gyoza... *drool*

i have officially ruined my 1 week hard-earned-diet by 1 day-splurge at ajisen ramen last weekend... booooo

im thinking of lunch now, if there is one job that i hate doing now is thinking and deciding for lunch... ugh.. been doing that for the past 11 years... booo..

my mom is sick... pray for her ya..

im now at home baby sitter eh wait.. not baby sitter but maid/nurse... ha ha ha not so much of maid actually..

im in love with kiwi now, the fruit i mean...

this coming august.. my 2 best friends is back from sg... woo hoo...

i miss mentari zhap fan... so nice!!!!!

oh yeah, hua lian, one of the province in taiwan was just struck with earth quake last nite... pray for them tho its not serious one but lets hope there wouldnt be any continual earth quake

pray for xin jiang too... there is riot over there...

pray for SBY too so that he could win the election and be a good president this coming 5 years.. i have good faith in him..