Monday, December 04, 2006

the memoirs of us

jasmine and me... she's my dearest sister and leader... im really blessed to have u in my life... hope tht our friendship will always last forever and that God always be in our heart forever...
running the race in Him with u sis,

Friday, December 01, 2006

01.12.2006 - part II

will your nose grow bigger as you grow older? is it good question or silly question? u do the judging...

i realise one thing, as i grow older, my nose grow bigger as well... already i hate my nose, why would it grow bigger and making me hate it even more? why?

is it coz i grow fat? ermm but my nose contains no fat... weird.. and fyi, all my fat concentrate on hip area.. so... the distance between my hip and my nose is like 70cm apart... ermmm plus the gravity pull, impossible tht my fat can travel tht high... plz tell me the answer, enlightened my life...

i wanted to post my pic to show the evidence, but i have not uploaded my latest pic... sigh sigh... if only i have my scanner, i can scan my student id and my latest ic to show u my nose's evolution..

well... tht's bout my nose..

today i went to pyramid again with timo and daryl... hehe.. they shop jeans.. wah liews timo bought this cK jeans for only RM100... cheap rite? i love this bag from cK but guess how much is it? it's RM689... siao! who would spend tht amount of money just for a bag? who who?

and also i love this top from topshop for's very sexy in my way.. i love it! but a bit too plain... ermm should i buy? still considering till now.. haha..

just now had ais cendol..not nice! i spent RM5 on something i hardly can finish.. sad :(

ermm... still waiting for the reply from carrier.. oh God help me... i need this job badly...

today early morning he messaged me just to kacau me.. apalah nih?

ermm... im kind of lonely at home.. alone.. wanna talk also cant.. nobody to talk to... mb i should talk to my boneka boneka hahaha.. imagine suddenly they reply me.. *jeng jeng*

things i wanna get:
-sony ericsson earphone (RM140)
-tint my car (RM400-RM600)
-cooler for my car(RM400)
-top shop jacket (SGD200)
-books (price on request)

today's mood:

my aim result for next sem:
-3HD 3D

today's song:
-aku bukan milikmu - rossa


let me proudly present to u miss audrey *clap clap*

me & audrey..

water baptism @ 3K complex hahaha... i only slept for like 3 hours..see my eye bags? btw this is bfore i cut my hair short.. i kinda miss my hair.. hehe do i look diff?

@ my car on the way to mangdu :) i love this pic... a bit dark tho...

@ gown rental place with my sister- in - law to be hehehe... we are both super sanguine girls

@ a zhu's wedding dinner at hotel mulia jkt... pretty girls ler all.. hehe... sort of our reunion too :p
me & calista @ hotel mulia grand ballroom.. wah liew her dress super sexy eh...

*this shall be a photos post haha..
lyrics of the day:
nobody tell me tht u'd feel so good
nobody said me u'd be so beautiful
nobody warn me bout your smile
u're the light u're the light
when i close my eyes
im colour blind
u made me colour blind
wish list:
i wanna meet him

Thursday, November 30, 2006

KL trip - blast

on the 12th of nov me, timo and yit khang went to KL for fun hehehe... release stress after exam.. :)

journey : lagoon perdana ---> subang carefour ---> USJ 11 ---> lowyat ---> petaling st. ---> ss2 (tong sui) ---> asia cafe ---> yit khang's house ---> USJ 11 ---> lagoon perdana

hehehe.. so in the morning tht day i went for breakfast with kent and then attended service.. after service i went back home to take nap but i couldnt sleep...

so 4.15pm i went to subang carefour to fetch yit khang thr... hahaha i expected him to be late but he on time eh... pai seh pai seh... so from there we proceed to USJ to fetch timo... hahaha *clap clap* must gv myself credit for being able to go timo's house hahaha... :p

timo was late! hehe.. so while we were waiting for him, as usual, we just talked crap... hehehe :)

5.15pm timo reached home and then we flown to KL hehe... this time yit khang drove coz me and timo lazy to drive hahaha so we kind of use him as slave hahaha... well, i bullied him all the way long till KL... sorry lar ya...

then we had dinner first at jalan imbi.. had beef hor fun... wah the portion quite big and the uncle very generous..gave a lot of beef.. i kept on throwing my beef to timo hahaha.. and timo kept on pass it to yit khang.. sorry again ar to the both of u.. the beef hor fun very expensive.. RM8 per plate... but ok lar.. make me full hehe...

so after dinner we went to low yat, i bought present for kelvin.. and timo just hang out... well, tht filthy rich yit khang shopped a lot of computer stuffs.. hehe.. should have asked him to belanja me lar.. haha apparently he very rich haha..

ow... so when i bought the headset for kelvin, this girl attended me.. she looked very nervous and kept on asking me same question haha.. dunno why lar... then she told her self that she very kan chiong haha... so timo, being shameless, told me tht the girl likes him so she very gan chiong haha ya rite..

so since we had time so we went back to tht shop, pura pura asked for hand phone prices.. haha and suddenly tht girl just talked to timo and praised his hair cut hahahaha.... ok ok timo, u won.. she likes u hahahaha......

after tht we went to petaling street... wah very crowded there! heheh more shops at nite.. we had air mata kuching, tht's the best thing we can have there... then timo bought shoes for RM50 hehe... nice shoes... haha he really loves to shop lar tht fella... :p me and yit khang should have stopped from spending money one.. but well, instead of doing tht we provoke him more haha..

petaling street great, we din have dinner there coz we were still full from our beef hor fun hehe..

next, after deciding for so long, we went to ss2 for tong sui.. finally i can go there after 1 year of planning with timo hahaha... at first i planned to invite jasmine too, but she busy apparently hehe...

short conversation with jasmine:
"tell yit khang dun bully u ar" jas said
" hahahha it's the other way round eh " i said

so then we went there to have our supper... they wanted to have peanut butter soup but finished already..poor thing...

i had ketan item yum.. but not really nice... cis cis cis! my mom's one better lar hahaha...

so after tong sui. we kinda lost lar.. i was very tired and sleepy.. i kept on rubbing my eyes.. we dunno where to go... we decided to watch football tht nite was arsenal vs. liverpool.. so while waiting for the game, we went play pool at asia cafe.. hehehe...

so we played 4 games of pool hahaha im very suck at this game! hahaha actually i suck at every sports and games hahaha... but guess what? i won at 9 ball game..beat timo hahaha... very lucky ler... :p

then proceed downstair to watch football hahaha... :) liverpool played poorly .. arsenal dominated the whole game... so sad! after half game, timo was half asleep we decided to went back home.. on the way back to yk's house suddenly we all so energetic liao.. so we decided to continue the game at his house lor hahaha..wah.. his house very big lar.. i fall in love with his house hahaha... (mr. Lai can i know u?)

arsenal beat liverpool gao gao... sigh... 3-0 ler... aiyo yo... timo was so sad hahaha...

worst part was tht we got lost in yk's housing area.. so many turning... he already drew a map for us still got lost... what is this oh? haha his drawing very ugly lar! hahaha... ugly ugly!

finally we can reach home.. i reached home at around 4am hahaha.. .cool eh! straight sleep coz the next few hours i had breakfast with shirley hehe...

overall i really enjoyed the trip.. i got to bully ppl hahahaha... fyi, during the whole trip i kept on bullying yit khang hahaha and he kept on saying im a very evil girl hehehe....

----- > i will upload the photos soon.. wait for timo first hehe..



wah.... finally back to malaysia..

ermm i have lotz to thing to tell...*thinking* *organizing*
ok ok..starts from the newest ...

*clap clap* i passed all my subjects! praise the Lord! iwas all nervous when i was on the plane.. i was very scared.. failed subjects 2 semesters in a row surely put a scar on my heart! i prayed and ask God to calm me and trust in Him.. i got 2D, 2C and 1P... arrgghh another 2 marks then i will get C for the P... but im happy and i will do better next sem! next sem i shall get 2HD, and 3D! gambate!

happy to be back here.. sad to leave my home tho.. means i need to take care of my meals by myself again...

had fun back in jakarta...

went to senayan city, what is tht? it's the latest plaza in jakarta.. cool! a lot of foreign shops, boutiques... sort of like KLCC... me and the KC girls gang had burgers at hot shots.. the burgers simply delicious.. the cheese really melted in my mouth and the beff?? just perfectly grilled! aahhhh... im hungry... i miss the girls and had great time with them..

then attended a zhu's wedding.. wow! it was fabolous! she's so pretty in her wedding dress... i wish her happiness! :) ermm when is my turn? :P hehe... again, all the KC girls were the noisiest ones! we were like keep on attracting the photographers! hahaha we laughed and we snapped a lot of pics! the funniest thing is tht during the photo session with the couples, we made sensation.. we were, of course, the loudest one and we accidentally pushed the brides... sorry hahaha... :) but it was fun to be together again!

ah... ya ya ya... went to make my gown for my bro's wedding too... well, i dunno how my gown will look like,but thank God that my mom asked me to buy another gown and she bugdet me Rm1000 this time :) thanks mom!

went to mangga dua (if u dunno, it's like sungei wang), teman my mom for her dress fitting..goodness... her dress is total disaster...first, the money she paid and the dress just not match k? and then, the design? dun make me start on it... it's just simply not nice.. i rather she spends more money but get a super nice dress k?

so the next day, we went to TA..guess what? i found this dress that very pretty and eye-catching.. i tried it on, and i love it! and it's blue! i love it i love it! the design also so unique..but a bit overpriced for me lar.. it cost RM3000... hahahaha... even my mom dress not tht then, after walking around in TA, my mom started to nag and nag... she regreted her decision to to mangga dua to do her dress... sigh, guess without me she cant get good dress eh? hahahaha.. but what to do? now everything is too late..

----------------> i got my new phone lalalala~~~ at first i wanna buy w300i, coz it's affordable and i was in love with tht phone...but guess what? it's out of stock.. i searched every shop in mega mall but couldnt find it.. sad... but then... a savior came... he offered me w710i, it has better specs and almost same design with tadah... now my phone is w710i lalala~~~ i love it so much hahaha...

-----------------> i got my driving license too... it was a torture to get it.. i hate going to govt. office! they work so slow... like turtle! hehehe... i have to wait for like 3 hours and it was so hot there.. i got headached for the rest of the day after tht... :( but now im a legal driver hahaha~~~ bring it on! hehe..

ow ya... i have new friend too... :) a guy... not bad and quite good looking too... his name is ahui.. eh same name with my dad hahhaa... he very friendly and own an optic in itc... hehehe...

ow i got my sunglass too... dior.. of course not the original one, where got money to buy?? i bought the pirated one but very nice! (kw1 gitu lho) hehehe..

so finally, i got all tht i want hahaha.. :) happy? of course...

now what i want is to:
---> lost weight!

ok ok.. gotta sleep liao..


Saturday, November 11, 2006


1.33pm - im bored

exam finished im happy...

yesterday siao.. i din sleep then straight went for exam... goodness, i hate written exam where i need to write a lot.. my hand pain! thank God i din fall asleep... :) after exam, i slept like pig... then went to 1U to buy books.. yesh! i bought stephen hawking's books, finally.. haha... this is like the toughest and the weirdest book i ever buy... hahaha...

i need to wash my car... but lately has been raining everyday, no point washing car.. got the only point is to waste money.. haha...

review on flushed away:
- good animation - high quality.. dreamworks and paramount.. i think dreamworks is just simply the best! steve jobs rocks!
- good plot : okay okay, every animated movie has a very simple story line (some even very silly) but why i like this one? very straight to the point so not boring at all...
- funny characters : i like the slugs hahaha... (no slugs were a-salted in the making of this movie)

but i guess, better downloaded it... coz the movie very short, so watching it in the cinema is kind of wasting money.. ahaha...

sunday plan :
-morning : go amcorp mall collect stuff
-afternoon : lazing around at home
-evening : venture to low yat and starhill there... hahaha ow at nite still need go to KLIA
-nite : KLIA and lepaking at home...


Sunday, November 05, 2006

beautiful sunday

5.28pm - wow it's raining again... luckily i made the decision to come back home.. haha...
errmm just now i dropped by ss15 starbucks, surprisingly there not so crowded! hehe... a lot of parking space available.. :P bought a cup of dark coffee,to keep me awake. sigh, never in my life i'd drink dark coffee again! never! it's yucks! not nice!

ermm so basically, today i wake up at 8am but just to had breaky and back to sleep..sigh dunno this past 3 days i slept alot! i woke up and slept again! i just studied abit only.. sigh sigh...

this past few days he's been msn-ing me... we've been crapping a lot too... am i thinking too much?
i dunno! i dunno! i dunno!

ermm ... now it's photo time...
my dearest sister's graduation... congratz jasmine jie jie! muah muah love ya!

sg. chilling - jungle trekking hehe..

sg. chilling - group photos (the waterfall really beautiful!)

my darling and me at her sister's wedding (botanical garden) *got a girl wore the same exact dress i was wearing tht nite.. hehe..

hehe.. btw my darling (tami) sister's wedding was really romantic and sweet... i love the scenery of botanical garden... i love garden party... and joyce (the bride) was reallly pretty tht nite (more than usual) hehe..

beside the decoration and all, the food? amazing... they have sashimi, mediteranian food, western food... and for the dessert beside cheese cakes, they have white chocolate fondue.. nice!

i told myself that my wedding dinner would be like tht, luxurious but simple, elegant! i would wear a light green dress... hehe...

ok ok.. im going to off soon... i feel sleepy again..


Saturday, November 04, 2006

pictures say thousand words...

this pic is taken at apple centre in 1U... hhmmpphh this must be celebrated coz it was my first outing with timo after only God knows how long we've planned for it.. haha right timo?

first time time visited orphanage with my cg and few friends (anisha and ez).. they boys and the girls there so adorable.. warm heart too... muacks love you guys to the very lil' bit!

see the boy in the red beside me? hehehe who does he look like?? cant see clearly?? come let me show u the pic of him:

ok who does he who looks like????? my friend, sorry name cant be revealed here.. to protect both parties.. hahaha..

i adore this boy the most!! hehe he's just adorable...


2006 KL youth emerge

behind : felix
front (left to right) : sandy, su ting, me, xiao hui

KL CHC usher team @ sunway convention centre

more photos to come haha... i gotta do what i suppose to do...