Monday, December 04, 2006

the memoirs of us

jasmine and me... she's my dearest sister and leader... im really blessed to have u in my life... hope tht our friendship will always last forever and that God always be in our heart forever...
running the race in Him with u sis,

Friday, December 01, 2006

01.12.2006 - part II

will your nose grow bigger as you grow older? is it good question or silly question? u do the judging...

i realise one thing, as i grow older, my nose grow bigger as well... already i hate my nose, why would it grow bigger and making me hate it even more? why?

is it coz i grow fat? ermm but my nose contains no fat... weird.. and fyi, all my fat concentrate on hip area.. so... the distance between my hip and my nose is like 70cm apart... ermmm plus the gravity pull, impossible tht my fat can travel tht high... plz tell me the answer, enlightened my life...

i wanted to post my pic to show the evidence, but i have not uploaded my latest pic... sigh sigh... if only i have my scanner, i can scan my student id and my latest ic to show u my nose's evolution..

well... tht's bout my nose..

today i went to pyramid again with timo and daryl... hehe.. they shop jeans.. wah liews timo bought this cK jeans for only RM100... cheap rite? i love this bag from cK but guess how much is it? it's RM689... siao! who would spend tht amount of money just for a bag? who who?

and also i love this top from topshop for's very sexy in my way.. i love it! but a bit too plain... ermm should i buy? still considering till now.. haha..

just now had ais cendol..not nice! i spent RM5 on something i hardly can finish.. sad :(

ermm... still waiting for the reply from carrier.. oh God help me... i need this job badly...

today early morning he messaged me just to kacau me.. apalah nih?

ermm... im kind of lonely at home.. alone.. wanna talk also cant.. nobody to talk to... mb i should talk to my boneka boneka hahaha.. imagine suddenly they reply me.. *jeng jeng*

things i wanna get:
-sony ericsson earphone (RM140)
-tint my car (RM400-RM600)
-cooler for my car(RM400)
-top shop jacket (SGD200)
-books (price on request)

today's mood:

my aim result for next sem:
-3HD 3D

today's song:
-aku bukan milikmu - rossa


let me proudly present to u miss audrey *clap clap*

me & audrey..

water baptism @ 3K complex hahaha... i only slept for like 3 hours..see my eye bags? btw this is bfore i cut my hair short.. i kinda miss my hair.. hehe do i look diff?

@ my car on the way to mangdu :) i love this pic... a bit dark tho...

@ gown rental place with my sister- in - law to be hehehe... we are both super sanguine girls

@ a zhu's wedding dinner at hotel mulia jkt... pretty girls ler all.. hehe... sort of our reunion too :p
me & calista @ hotel mulia grand ballroom.. wah liew her dress super sexy eh...

*this shall be a photos post haha..
lyrics of the day:
nobody tell me tht u'd feel so good
nobody said me u'd be so beautiful
nobody warn me bout your smile
u're the light u're the light
when i close my eyes
im colour blind
u made me colour blind
wish list:
i wanna meet him