Wednesday, March 18, 2009

yay today is my last day of working.. So the happy.. Well anihow, i do hope i end my job here well hahaha.. Landed a freelance project.. Keeping my fingers crossed hahaha..

Btw.. I think chinese is very typical ard the world.. 1st chinese trust their relatives the most tho sometimes it brings many disadvantages.. 2nd chinese is very cautious till the point of being paranoid! Tht is why we dont see (nt many, in my defence) successful chinese tycoon wrote a book on hw to b like them.. 3rd chinese dont praise ur achievement openly bt do trash u openly whn u failed them! Seriously! Lest the chinese society tht i knwn has changed, then these points are deemed to b true..

Erm im gonna miss 1u starbucks i guess.. Hehe.. It serves the best caramel machiato in kl so far..

Ok i gt customer.. Bye

Friday, March 13, 2009

when was the last time i blog? lllooooooooooonggg time ago.... eon time ago...


i am still alive..pretty much alive...