Monday, September 29, 2008


i just finished watching 2 episodes of Heroes season 3.. i tell u... the story goes from complicated to a whole new level of complicated.. i dunno man!!!!! (spoiler ahead)...

has nathan gone crazy?

what is going on in peter's mind?

what? u tell me, are sylar and peter brothers?

and.... has peter became more handsome? me heart him! hahahahahaha..

well anihow.. i cant seem to do my work! sigh!!! if this continue... i tell u... thats it man!! my members gonna kill me big time!!! big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wait wait wait..before the days end.. i want to show something *ta da*

my new fringe... u say iCute not?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i cut my hair again

yay!!! i got new bangs... ehehehehehehehehe.. . i want to show the pic, but the camwhoring pic turned out not so pretty.. hehehe but i do love my new bangs and also my new color.. woo hoo~~ Paris u r my number one!!!

ok... tonite will be another busy nite for me... toiling for report... oh report... how i wish i can just miraculously finished it!

i think i never regretted my hair cut as long as it is under the right hand...

ok lar.. gotta do my work liao.. c ya!

Friday, September 26, 2008

i was driving around to ease my mind, talking to God while i was driving around... its a great experience i might say.. i love driving bymyself.. mb tonite i will do it again... :P



是 我 太 傻 吗?

this is the moment where i become emo... so please do let me become emo ok? hehehe.. so... if u just fin dinner/supper/brunch/brunchner/breakfast/lunch there would be possibility of vomiting.. so... stay far from your keyboard... hahahaha :P


lately... too many feeling inside me.. i just duno where to start.. but i think today i wanna post in chinese.. pardon me that it's been years that i write in chinese.. so it would be kinda mushy mushy and makes u wanna puke... *grin*

心 情 很乱, 情 绪 不 稳 定.
别 给 我 任 何 希 望.

身 边 的 朋 友 都 说 我太 傻,
我就 是 个 傻 瓜.

笑 我 傻
笑 我 太天真

就 算 天 塌 下 来,
我 不 会 那 麽 轻 易 放 弃

i am happy... i mean.. i am just happy.. i work and i get to meet many ppl... my colleagues are just so nice... they are good ppl..

btw.. i wanna meet Paris Tan and do something to my hair.. hahaha... :P i get very agitated already...

i think, i think, i dunno why.. i just feel that this coming leader's retreat gonna be something great for me..

ok i am tired... :P


signing off~~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


1st day working in pyramid.. not bad... hahahaha.. my colleague so talkative.. more talkative than i am... :P guess which shop i am working at.. hehehe happy hunting..

i tell u.. my design project can work but my thesis having problem now.. u say i stress no? please please please pray for me.. :( i am so worried now..

i wanna meet someone.. ahahahaha... :P

ok lar.. gotta do my work ...

signing off~~

p.s i have big urgency to cut my hair.. i miss Paris.... :(

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i am confused...

just in minutes, my dream seem so far away...

i dunno what to say....

this is not how You work God...

should i stay believe? or it is just because my desire far greater than it supposed to be?

You keep my tears Lord rite now...

Let it be worthy of what i cried for..

It never easy...

in the end, i will still know You are my God...

Usher Appreciation Lunch 08

i dunno his name, me, nova and jet.. . i think i look fat.. haha

the ushers and one shameless technical crew

felix (my lao da), feli (my dear sister), and i the cute one... hehe

the usher team and two intruders.. spot the intruder..


i am HAPPY.....

RAIN down...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

blessed weekend

today is a long day but i love it...

this weekend we have Pastor Tan Seow How in our midst to bring the word of God. i truly blessed and encouraged by his powerful testimony. Its really touching to listen to his ups and downs in achieving his dream.. He also really break my mindset and give me a new vision for my CG.

Pastor Tan also a humble man and so sincere in his words... i feel so close to him when he preached on the stage... i love you Pastor Tan!

the appreciation lunch with the usher team also has been a blessing to me.. bring back my old memories when i served as an usher... indeed its a whole new season for the usher dept.. tho someone keep on tease me on how much i miss the usher.. :P dun blame me when i really go back to usher k? hahaha..

anihow... pictures will be posted soon... hehehe

i really thank God to put me in this church and i believe this is truly where i belong.. hehe...

guess what i bought from pasar malam last mon? hehehe.... i bought pirated mp3 dvd... its a compilation of all jacky cheung's songs... wuih.. amazing!!!! hehehe once i go back indo, i will go to my old house and collect all my cassettes... i have a lot...

i am happy but i cant again to share it... hahahaha

signing off.. me going to sleep..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daniel Powter - Next Plane Home

this is like the best song for now... he is just good... enjoy!

Daniel Powter and Joke

have u heard Daniel Powter's latest single called "Next Plane Home"? its beautiful... the tunes catchy, the lyrics sweet, the video is well done, and he's handsome... kekeke.. to be someone with dyslexia yet able to write wonderful songs is just amazing for me... i wonder, what if he choose to stop? then i wouldnt be able to appreciate his talent... and i beg to differ, he's not just one timer like a lot of singers do out there, but almost all his songs are good... check his songs like "Bad Day", "Love You Lately" and "Jimmy Gets High"....

but thats not the whole point... how many of us just because of small stones in front of our way then we decided to stop trying? i mean, he has difficulty in writing and reading, but he conquered that... i am impressed...

so everybody, Daniel Powter Rocks! *grin*

Joke of the day, again i say, it is PURELY JOKE...

here some tips to get rid of your annoying friends:
1. be more annoying than him/her
2. wear somethings that he/she doesnt like - if he/she hates perfumes smell, all the more u need to spray it all over ur body...
3. make he/she eats something that he/she allergic too - let say ur friend allergic to Pork, then chopped that Pork to pieces, and make sheeperd Pie and told him/her that it is purely beef...
4. "accidentally" scratch his/her car when u "coincidentally" park beside his/hers
5. continually asking same question over and over again, like "do u think i am pretty?" or "do u think that guy likes me?" or "do u think i smart?" heehehe whatever question that all bout i, me and myself will do and remember ask in like frequency of 1MHz... u do the math.. if by the end of the day ur friend still stuck with u.. u r helpless already...

do u have a good laugh? i hope u do...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Tittle

my friends know i am an avid fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

i was re-watching (for like zillion times) season 7 where monica and chandler got married... chandler says this in his marriage vow: "any surprises come along, its okay, because i will always love you.." i think its sweet and really sincere...

as u know, big words or fancy words are not what i am looking for.. and i not good in wording too... but one word or one little action is enough for me.. thts y i never fall in love with romantic or arty guy... hahaha well... i think i've mentioned it somewhere bfore....

ermmm i really wanna buy a cardigans from this website.. its really pretty oh.. should i buy it?

aniwei... i dunno what i should write now... so thts for the nitez...

signing off~~

love life!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ran dome

yesterday nite i went to debbie's house to stayed overnite.. i really miss all the talks we used to had and i really really happy that she and i were having a great time last nite... hehe

she played me all the songs she has composed through out the years... it was awesome and she is talented in many ways. when she played the worship songs that she wrote, i really felt the presence of God just swept in to the room, just like that.. its amazing!

i think lately many happening things happened in my spiritual walk with God. i just cant explained it words but i feel a lot closer to Him.

oh ya btw i got an job offer from the place i did my industrial training as an assistant engineer. and next week i will start my part time job at 1U hehe.. i think not bad, i will work 3 days per week, and i counted if i work for 8 hours / day, i will earn about RM400 per month.. not bad as a side income.. hehehe..

ah thinking of the money.. oh money... money oh money.. i love money.. moy love money...

hehehe why so money minded one?

oh ya... actually i begin to feel agitated bout my hair already... it just like 3 weeks since i last visited Paris to do something with my hair.. i told myself that i need to stay strong hahaha.. i think i just crazy.. i feel bored with my hair cut already.. i feel so normal already.. ugh! work first.. heehehe..

how to be slim? what say u? hehehe..
ok i know i am very random now..

oh goodness, i am watching juno now, and one of the guy casting look like greg hehehe.. and the phone juno use is so cute.. hahahaha... mb i should get one of those.. its in the shape of hamburger.. hehee.. so cute..

i think i very random today but well... i think i just random..

ah ok lar.. i go and continue my juno..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

feast for the eyes~

hi all, yeah after the incident of stupid failure of uploading picture, now i am trying again but as per today i only post up some random picture coz the BIG C trip pictures are just too many and it will take whole lot of time and tonite i cant blog for too long hehehe.. so here it is:

i went for fish spa @ pyramid... hehe the feeling was weirdly nice and my feet become unbelievable clean... hehehe worth the money spent..

sandy and i... isnt she pretty?

timo and i... this is during emerge 2008 @ sunway convention centre... hehe dont us look cute? hehe btw ignore my tag, i am no usher, i just borrowed it because my technical crew's tag is too ugly... seriously, ugly... hahaha.. and see the cardigan i wore? its from springfield and i got it with 70% disc.. amazing huh? *beams*

so there's my day...

btw i wanna go watch "mama mia!" who wanna go?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

the Big C trip pictures - part 2 (supposedly)

... i am upset...

the photos cant be uploaded... till then, just wait ya... :(
live with passion in heart and love unconditionally

Sunday, September 07, 2008

the Big C trip pictures - part 1

the entrance of Vancouver Botanical Garden

i is trying to be cute.. but failed!

the mother and the brother @ the botanical garden

wait.. what is this? i forgot lar! i know they very cute. period.

hotel @ vancouver where i stayed.. eating chips.. haha.. look scary huh?

mount whistler.. i heart this place..


left over snow.. haha...

u see the water.. si beh clean oh.. so crystal clear can boh?

ok it is very an odd hour.. i shall sleep first.. i will upload more photos tomorrow for sure.. this is just some random pic i choose coz i look good in it.. *grin*

signing off~~

Saturday, September 06, 2008

gloomy weather but happy week..

i have a great week.. apart from me being sick for 3 days... :) well actually i was sick for 6 days but the first 3 days i had super power to keep me thru the days..

on monday and tuesday i practically lost my voice, i cant talk at all.. i was so suffered.. now i know feeling of being mute.. ugh! hahaha never again i want to lost my voice..

thursday was a great day... of course i have to deal with midterm test and also project but at nite i have a pleasant time... it was actually my first time having dinner with him.. hahahaha... at least i know he's a bit lame now and i know he's really a deal for me!

on friday.... i was super busy but hey... again i have great time withe the wonderful bunch of people! oh goodness, i just love them...

ok ok ok.. my bro is coming.. hahahaha.. yay! and and i cant wait for the things he's bringing for me...

btw i wonder, am i having a super power against fever? seriously, i got throat infection that spread to my voice box and yet there i was without the slightest fever.. none! i am amazed! well not so actually, i kinda miss the feeling of being fever.. ugh! or mb i consume too much panadol over the years? u tell me.. is there such thing as immunity to fever?

i really thank God actually that i have been given chance to serve God with the best team ever.. i mean, hehehe i was actually entrusted with bigger things this year emerge.. hehehe... well i know i am busy but hey its all worth it...

oh ya, last nite i went to have supper at asia cafe, guess what, my friend ordered a fried rice and she wanted a container to wrap some of the fried rice back home coz it was so big of a portion.. and guess what... the guy came back with another portion of the fried rice packed ready to go.. i mean.. sweat! so i have to paid it and bring it for my breakfast this morning.. sob! it doesnt taste so good after i reheat it! ugh!

today is the convocation for some of my friends.. so for dikos, cy, aida, wani, mayyah, timo, and benny.. congratz... live life to the fullest! hehehe.. go get married or be a billionaire ok? ehehe..

talking bout it.. i think i know already what i wanna do after i graduated.. i will work in event field for sure.. yesh it is my passion! hehe.. thank GOd for the dream u have planted in my heart long before i even realized it..

oh btw, i might be going to New Zealand and Australia, the land under.. ho ho ho... thank God.. i know i am so blessed... hehehe btw anyone know is it hard to get visa to NZ?

ok lar.. c ya all... i really need to clean up my room.. hehehe

signing off~~