Friday, December 28, 2007


i had a nightmare yesterday... it was bad one... i tell u..

have u ever studied so hard tht it haunt u even in ur sleep? oh yes i have, few times..

i still remember vividly back in highschool when i was so crazy bout trigonometry..i studied it days and nites until one nite all the sine, cosine, and tangent were my nightmares...

and few days back it happened again.. but now its not bout trigo...


i was dreaming tht i forget to sit for my important final exam and because of that i have to extend my study for bloody one year!!! scary i kid u not! i woke up anxiously.. couldnt be more thankful to God...

bad bad bad monash.. haunt me even in my holidays...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

my wish:
1. i can finish my study by dec... to pass all my subjects and to finish my final year thesis smoothly... God i really need Your help here...

and i wish all my friends to have a blessed year ahead ho ho ho! and i wish all my friends to prosper so tht i can enjoy the prosperity as well ho ho ho..

i love ya all!

I love Jesus~~~

Monday, December 17, 2007

season of joy... jingle all the way..

weeee.... senayan city was having midnite sale from 15th to the 16th of dec 2007.

i was quite excited, to be honest i never went to one before.. and guess what... i got my new toy at good prize.. its good! im happy my dad happy and the seller happy... so everybody happy, indeed it is a season of joy.. huehuehue..

so today lets talk bout christmas.. its a season i always like.. even way before i became a christian..

during my childhood, during christmas i would dressed up nicely and went to church with my neighbour.. as i grew up christmas was like a must holiday for me, in school we would have a christmas party every year, where we would played games and well, its time to really get close with your secret crushes as well hahaha... and the gift exchange part, it is always excited when u get the gift from the boy u like in the class hahaha..

well then in college year, i never bother christmas, but as i remember, christmas is the time when the TV programmes were actually good.. ha!

and now, as i am a christian now.. christmas got more meaning than before..

so i love christmas..

well... so what you guys are planning for this season of joy?

i am yet to plan..

most probably i will get stuck at home with my mom and my new toy... hahaha!!

jingle bao jingle bao jingle all the bao
cha siew bao lien rong bao
da pao kaya bao hey


Saturday, December 15, 2007

2008 would be my last year before i enter to the era of mid twenties....

sign of aging?

sign of being a woman?

well..... i dont know seriously... but now in my mind the only thing i can think of is where would i go after this?

been considering to explore new things in new places... i want to learn new thing, i want to know new ppl... canada is all over my head now... wanting to go there.. challenge myself.. but well... should i go?

second choice would be HongKong... place of trading.. i think i can learn new things there..

third choice would be United State of A....

haihz.. i am just confuse...

but... now is the season of Joy.. hahaha


to those i know and know me, i love you all... and merry christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2007

i have watched the latest episode of heroes... ahhhh i dunno what to say, but of what i know, the so called invincible Mr. Adam Monroe, who by far was said to be the most dangerous man and the most evil man (note: it is just a tv series) can be defeated by 4 new and unexperienced heroes... alamak.... how stupid it can be? and why does Hiro Nakamura must be oh-so-sweet-and-kind-guy? u tell me.. he did not kill adam when he got the chance but instead he buried him alive!!!!!!! mind u, he knows the fact that adam is kind of mortal... goodness... ermm well... but entertained me it does so i wont complain much..

well well.. for all of you who dont watch heroes, i am sorry for the blur i caused u..

i am watching desperates housewives too.. hehehe cant wait for the next episode hehe...

well let see what i can share today.. i have shared with you how bad is the traffic here...

oh.. lets talk bout this


as what we have heard, nowadays malaysia and indonesia is kind in a cold war with many issues of stealing going on...

for example, malaysia claims that batik is their ancestor heritage but indonesia said it is theirs.
and not only batik, malaysia also claims that REOG PONOGORO is originally from malaysia. and remember the 'rasa sayang' case? ya ya ya we all know it, if u happen to do not know bout it.... well it proves you are not malaysian nor indonesian.

ermm.. im kinda stuck now hahaha.. suddenly i dun know what to say..

for what it worth writing for, i am sure tht reog ponorogo and rasa sayang song is originally from indonesia.. and as for batik i am not sure...

i dont entirely blame malaysia.. a possesion can be stolen when the owner does not take good care of it..

for whoever sake you can think of... we, indonesians, dont really treasure our cultures... i dont even know how reog ponogoro looks like, oh who am i kidding with? and worst still, i never know the complete rasa sayang song... who are we to blame others of what other countries think of us?

today, my country, indonesia, has been looked down by others it is not whose fault but ours.

if we are able to proclaim our cultures and really really really treasure it, who dare a lay, even a finger, on our cultures?

ah dont go too far to cultures... take for example irian jaya...

do u know tht irian jaya is rich with gold? yeah many of u dont know i guess.. and do u know that almost all of our gold was dig by Freeport company? and yeah, the name itself has explained that this company does not belong to indonesia government.... do you get me??

oh no i sound like a-real-politician-wannabe....

well indonesia, good luck... we better buck up before all our heritages are stolen away and left us with YEARLY FLOOD, TERRIBLE TRAFFIC, BEGGARS EVERYWHERE, CORRUPTORS AND GOOD FOOD (at least i give one good point aite? ^^)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hair Extension

should i or should i not?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

FIVE things i hate driving in jakarta:

1. The lovely drivers here just blow their horn for like every TEN SECONDS (i kid u not!!)

2. The massive jam here just getting worst!!!! KL-ians drivers, if you think KL's jam is worst.. wait till u come here and experience it urself.. u'd gonna miss driving in KL... i mean it.. i do miss driving in KL..

3. The roads here are bumpy and by bumpy i mean really really really reallllyyyy bad.... forget about driving ferrari in jakarta.. forget it altogether!!

4. The amount of motorcylists are madness here!!!!!!!!

5. I have not drive over SIXTY KILOMETRES PER HOUR here.... i am dead serious....

i am officially missing my baby... :(

well... what a bout me???

been in jakarta for more than 2 weeks, have been helping my mom around, mostly becoming her personal assistant and also well been following HEROES TV series.... i think its cool but way too complicated....

well certainly miss KL, miss everysingle person and everysingle thing in KL...

been searching for answer...

well i am so tempted to work in canada after i graduate.. but well... i'll see what's gonna happen in the near future...

result has came out.. and well sucks, i failed one subject.. i hate it!!!!! :( i was blaming God that nite but then i felt remorse bout it... in the end i really see God is making way.. well not crystal clear yet... but hiya GOd is good...

well... seems i need to work even harder next year!!!

oh yeah christmas is coming.... wahahahaha.... planning to have bbq in my house... but so far no guess invited just yet..

and this is special message:
nyet, loe masih ngutang gue kado.... sennheiser donk... hahahahaha...

well leaving now..