Friday, August 27, 2010


Thousand and one feelings i have inside me right now..

I dunno how to explain..

I do not need your sorry, all I need just for you to show me some love, is it so hard to just say that you love me? I never expect a lot from you, but I need some care and love from you.. you need not to be here for me 24/7 but the least you could do is just to say how much u love me every now and then.

why u always say sorry? i dont need your sorry. It makes me feel guilty and makes me feel like i am a lausy person for you.

my heart is fragile right now, could you not break it with your yet another apology?

it even hard for me to tell you how i feel right now, with you not trying to understand me, with you not having the patience to handle me at my worst.. you just turn the table around and say sorry, thinking that apology is all i want... thats not i want.. i need your hand, i need assurance from you.. a warm and gentle words whispered to my ear.. make me feel loved once again..

the distance is killing me... very slow and steady..