Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Wait


after my Aussie trip post, i shall be back with my journey blog in discovering God and myself once again..

This gonna be great..

Til then~~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i suppose to post up my pictures but then... i accidentally closed the window while its uploading.. sigh!!!!

Too bad...

Til then~~

Monday, September 28, 2009


alrighty.. i am back at home after 10 days at the land under....

It was surely a good time apart from being lectured by my parents, i mean 3 of us (the siblings) went together but only me got lectured, ALWAYS!! i mean, does it written on top of my forehead: 'I love being lectured, Lectured me PLEASE?' sigh... but, who am i to complain? Though it turned my holiday mood off sometimes.

OK, but lets not talk bout the down turn of my holiday, lets talk something HAPPY.. hehe..

OK,Gold coast is a good place, the weather just perfect.. Its not too cold nor too hot, the sunshine just perfect.... I ma loving it... We stayed at Surfer Paradise. The beach was awesome, Kuta Bali surely defeated by this one haha the sand is white and so soft when it touches my skin... the sea water is breezing cold... hahaha...

Off to Movie world and Sea world.. Got a new friend from Movie World, picture later hahaha... I love Sea World...i mean its nothing extraordinary bout it but it was surely another different experience altogether...

Then Sydney... i love Sydney!!!!! Great shopping, great food and great weather.. But on the my third day of my staying, there was sand storm hitting Sydney, the whole Sydney was red covered by dust... Thank God it came back to normal by noon time but the wind is still strong and still quite dusty though not red anymore... hehe..

Then, we went to Blue Mountain... it has a great scenery and it is a good place to have a walk just to relax and enjoy the nature... i would surely come back again...

You know what? i will just post up the pictures hehehe...

Melbourne is the highlight... Drove along the Great Ocean Road (my bro drove actually, i just drove a bit)... Quite tiring though because it takes 4 hours from melbourne to reach to the 12 Apostles stop... but no regret, it was awesome!!!

But tell you what, the most happy time through out my holiday was my dating with this great person, Thomas Yong hahaha.... oh man, how i miss him so much!! hehe... We had great time together, talked so much and he was so nice, he brought me to all places that serve good dessert... hehehe He brought me to Brunetti, to San something something to had the best churros i've ever had... He wanted to brought me to Max Brenner but it was so packed... But nonetheless, i have great time with him... He is so sweet... ha ha ha.. cant wait to meet him again.. OK, sounded like i love this guy huh? but nope, we are just very good friend since college.. and we are the one kind.. funny, easy-going and 38

Then the last day, we went to Brisbane for sight seeing... hehe... we had the bestest roasted pork ever!! it was crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.. sinfully delicious!!! hehehe...

So that's pretty much my holiday, i will let the pictures (on next post) to tell the complete story ok? hahaha i guess i am just way too lazy to write everything in detail...

OH ya, talking bout the journey, we stayed at some very good hotels and you know what? i suppose have a very good night sleep rite? but NO, i wasnt able to sleep very well!!!! sigh...

oh, next post also i will post a long complain on Air Asia!!!!! I shall never take Air Asia lest i have to!!

I also had a dream on my last night of the holiday.. It was a dream that made me thinking back on good memories throughout my journey to Goldcoast --> Brisbane --> airport....

ok so till next post...


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 1 - Where all begin

Word Of God - Forgive your debtor as how God forgives you.

at first it was blurry.. i mean, i have heard this passage for thousand of times and i've learned to forgive people even sometimes it is hard.

I was asking God, who else should i forgive? Do i still have any unforgiveness within me? if yes, what is it and to whom is it?

as i ponder and ponder, then i know i need to forgive myself for what i've done, for who i am..

I begin to replaying my past 5 years. I have been wanting to repent before the Lord that i've tried so hard to follow the Lord, becoming someone that i thought God wants me to be... I become hard to myself..

i feel that i am not good enough for God and i become to despise myself, ashamed of myself and in that process i draw further from God because i thought God wouldnt accept me.

But then, during the CG, as the speaker preached, He said, it is not what you've brought or done for God but God looks at the person, in all the imperfection that we have God still sees us as the most beautiful creation.

I have forgotten that God accepted me for who i am, I have tried to become someone i thought God wants me to be and in the process i have forgotten God's grace and God's mercy.

God told me i need to make peace with my old self, accept my past and move on; only i can birth forth true repentance in my life. Only i can draw near to God not feeling confused of my true identity in God.

That nite, i felt a wrench in my heart, in my spirit.. i know that God has broke me in order to bring restoration to me...

I come to God as who i am, with my impurities, weaknesses and my past; i come to Him and really hiding no more, just come to Him as who i am, original design, not wanting to try to be someone i am not.

This is just day 1 of my journey of discovering God and my self again.. 39 days to go... i want to be closer to Jesus.

Thank You God.


on the lighter note, the CG was good... :) the people are nice and i once again feel the feeling of new friend.. :P thank God for putting me in this family :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I am now,

Fasting and praying period.

'Til further notice ya.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am SO SO SORRY Lord.................

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


You know, if there is one thing i do best, it is to observe... I love to observe people around me, that is why during my high school to uni time I prefer to sit on the last row in the class... Reason being I can observe people and I just feel comfortable not being the center of attraction hehe..

So, see... I come out with this theory: Only a person with a lot of skeletons in his/her closet will assume that any other person he/she meet also have skeleton, at least, in her/his closet.

I know it's like a very useless theory i have, one of those.. But it makes good sense, isn't it?

So, sometimes when I am in a crowded place, I love to observe the passer by... I will think to myself what secrets do they have, what kind of a life do they lead, what kind of emotion do they go through at that time being instead of appearing happy on the outside...

Ok, maybe i am just that busy body but I have this kind to ticklish feeling in my heart to know what a person really think or going through in their life.. like, are they really happy, happy? are they really meaning what they say?

suppose i am a person that doesn't really happy, happy and doesn't really mean what i say... (refer to my theory mentioned above)...

Anyway, I really don't know what I got into this subject... the whole point of this is: I like to observe people around me and very keen to know their real life (what kind of skeletons do they keep?)..

Having said that, don't ask me what skeletons i keep ok? hehe i have too many to list down..

And, talking about future, sigh... i need more time to re-organize my life and my thoughts... sigh... *slap slap* pull yourself together Yunny!!!

Anyway... I cant wait to attend cell group this coming saturday.. woo hoo.. It's gonna be fun!!! :)

ok, talking bout skeletons, what skeletons do u have?

hahahaah... i will give u one of mine...

I used to wear size 16 for jeans... :P

so what's yours?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Its weekend...

Today i watched Final Destination 4, but then... Psshhh dun tell anybody okay? i walked out from the cinema halfway through the movie because if i stay a second longer i would stop breathing ha ha ha.. i hate those brutality... too sadistic... i dunno why on earth people pay to direct this movie and worst, why on earth i watch it in the first place? i dun understand... there goes my money!!!!

ermm yesterday nite i visited my old blog haha.... my life as a student surely a good one... my second year was like a vacation for me... everyday just having fun... i miss those days.. the good ol' days...

aniwei, i cant wait for my trip to the land under.. woo hoo.. its gonna be fun and im gonna take many many pictures, im gonna buy a lot a lot a lot of books and im gonaa eat a lot a lot a lot of local delicacies...

ermmm i can wait for my bro to come back from canada... its been years that we gather as one complete family hehe... we are planning for a big family trip hehe...

oh and u know what? my nephew is so the cute.. he likes to imitate what he sees... hahahah the other day i show him to do a ballerina stunt haha.. i raise my both hands above my hand to make make an 'O' shape then i turn around (i dunno what that movement in ballet called as)... then he looked at me and grinned, he raise his both hands too (but his hands are short so his hands only barely touch the top of his head) then he turned too... so cute!!!!!

then rite, he talks in alien language.... hahahahaha..its something like the mix of tamil + korean hahaha... cute cute cute... super cute!!!!!!!!!

ermmm very vain...

ok la i just dunno what to write..

til i got another revelation ya.


Friday, September 04, 2009

Family and Career at one go

Every time i want to start writing, i always have this blank phase where i just don't know what to write. Before, i had a lot in my mind; rant, revelation and all the randomness i got from watching too much DVD (during and off work hee hee.

Anyway, what am i suppose to write down?

Ok, here's the deal:

I guess most of you have watched Lipstick Jungle (pardon my outdated-ness). What trigger my lately-malfunctioned-brain is this: is it possible to build family and career at the same time for women?

I have seen few women that i know able to build a family and career at the same time. However, i guess it is just not everybody's cup of tea eh?

I am a believer of my own philosophy: what you can do or you can have in your life doesn't always meant for me.

Example: you can be a very attractive young woman, with successful career at hand and happy family (handsome and loving husband and 2 beautiful kids) and you are happy about it; but that doesn't mean in order for me to be happy i must have the similar things in my life as you do.

The problem, i believe, is not whether it is possible or not to have both career and family but rather what do you really want in your life.

See, when we are measuring the meaning of our life (happiness, fulfillment and wholeness), a lot of times we take other standard of measurement to measure ours.

When we use the wrong measurement, we would never find out the reasons of our unhappiness.

A lot of times we never really sit down and think thoroughly what makes us happy and whole as a human being.

We think that by having what others have that seems to fill the vacant in their lives would bring the same effect as it does to others, but i realize that it is not the case.

Simple case: My sister's simple happiness is to hang out in the bookshop and purchase the latest edition of the manga she reads, but as for me, that doesn't work on me. My simple happiness in life is just to tuck in my bed and read novel without being disturbed.

So, is it possible to have both career and family at the same time? It's your choice, if career and family make you happy and whole as a person then i believe you would be able to achieve (or at least have the capacity to achieve both) both at the same time. Why? because you have joy in building both, with joy there will flow strength, creativity and you will be able to expand your capacity beyond your wildest imagination. Surely, there would be rough patches but with the joy in your heart and determination you'd doing just fine.

This is just my philosophy. What say you?

As for me: I know my capacity, will i have both or choose either one? i will only choose either one, because i am that lousy in multitasking. You ask me which one? That's for me to know and for you to guess.

'Til then,


P.S if you notice, i am reducing the use of dot in my post

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


We are just hit by earthquake.. it's not very badly hit in Jakarta, i am waiting for further update on the news regarding the quake. Tasikmalaya is the main part of the quake, the earthquake was measured at 7.3 scala ritcher... i just hope there is no dead victim...

actually now i feel like screaming.......

nitez all... i got no mood..