Sunday, March 30, 2008

planning season...

today its the day tht i dun quite like...

i came back home from serdang and i was all alone, no one at home..

i dunno, i just dont like the feeling of coming back home without no one greeting me or without no one to be greeted...

well, say i am super cheesy or whatever... 10 years of staying far from parents still do not make me used to this kind of situation...

may be the next time i know i would be alone, i must record my housemates' voice and play it once i get the door open... but thts kind of freaky kan? sekali i heard some unknown voices, thts it lar! hehe..

well.. yesterday my friend asked me bout my future planning.. to be honest, lately i have been bombarded with this question...

ok lar so might as well i plan here lor...

my first plan or the plan A, but i wont call it plan A since it is so outhere... so i would call it:

graduated by nov 2008
get a job as engineer or if possible i wanna job in event organizing field in malaysia.
work for 2 years, and see how it goes. most probably will get a master degree in management in USA OR Canada.
meanwhile, with all the carrier planning, i hope and i hope, by then (graduated from uni) i will have one stable relationship.
courtship for 2-3 years, then get married ---> if like this, means i will get married and doing my master at the same time. so lao kong, better u have bigger income than i do ok?
meanwhile also, if i dont want to do my master, this means i will planning on doing my own business, preferably i will do business in event or wedding organizer, but nowadays i also think of opening car workshop (they earn like mad from my car alone... haha).
and also, by the time i work for 2 years, i want to give my parents a holiday trip to bangkok or taiwan (aiyo,i must be reasonable also mah, impossible with my RM3000 job i can gv my parents holiday to japan or europe or USA).

-- thts the ultimate plan for my life after i graduated from monash..

ok... as an engineer-to-be, of course i always do side planning or the so called plan B, and this time i would call it:

graduated, no one wants to hire me in malaysia.
fly to HK and get a job there, within 3 months must master cantonese and how to scold ppl around in cantonese (the later one is of course a joke)...
work there for 3-4 years, earn like mad (i checked in jobsdb hor, the pay in HK is big), save like mad and dun shop....
well since i dun want to marry HK guy, then i will go back indonesia after 3-4 years and find the one in indonesia...
of course by tht time i hope i save enough money to actually buy me a cozy little apartment and little car in indonesia.
since my dad is a businessman, it would kill my dad if i work with others rite? so i will work with my dad, learn all his skills and in 1 year time take over his business empire...
by then, who would reject to marry me? haha...

well..but of course i wouldnt want to go for the later plan... hehe...

i am hungry now~~~

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

am i doing the right thing?

does the right thing always mean the good thing?

am i saying the right word?

does the right word always be the word i wanna hear?

well... i dunno....

Monday, March 24, 2008


hihihi.. yesterday so emo horr..

i really really blessed to have friends all around me... tho some ppl make so annoyed tht i want to punch them in their face.. showing them God's hard love... ha ha ha...

today is rest day for me... actually why i need rest day ler? not tht i am so busy this past few weeks.. its just a reason for me for being lazy hehe..

ok ok... what to talk about today?? what could it be?

lets talk about a tale of a guy tht blind in direction...

so... if u got lost for the first time its ok.. but if u got lost for the second time within 20 minutes time.. thts just hilarious.. hahaha!!!!!!!!

at least i am better... and then, if u r supposed to lead the way back home... u should be the one leading not the one calling me at the back who was tailing you and asking me which direction u should take... hahaha!!!!!! another hilarious case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ah enough lar... i dunno who else to tease hehe...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

its raining outside... so does my heart.. bleah why so poetic one?

i dunno lah! i think i miss my home so badly... so bad tht i wanna hug my mom now...


GOd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need YOu........ please please please.... i dunno what else to do or who else to turn to...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

well before i sleep i just feel like writing something meaningful... :)

today a friend of mine quote this: "easier to DIE or to LIVE?"

what would be your answer?

my answer is: It.Is.Easier.To.DIE.

isnt it true? i dunno....

when a person choose to die it is because that person thinks the only way of escape is to die. it is always easier for people to run away rather then facing their problem.

To die is to give up, to die is a choice for the weaklings!

i din say i am strong, i was in the stage of commiting suicide before.. i was in the stage of ending my life before...

to think of it, seriously, only the weaklings will choose to die. Only a self-centered person will choose to die!!

when we decide to end our lives, many lives' would be affected. Our family and our friends have to bear with our decision! who would actually bear the burden or bear the responsibilities that you left in this world? Your loved ones! And who will actually give them a pad on the shoulder because of losing you? No One! NO one can ever replace who you are for your family and your friend! None!

To live is hard, but when we walk our journey, through all the thick and thin, we will see many beautiful things in this life time.

we can see success, we can see love, we can see family being build, we can see the beauty of friendship, we can see the moment of joy and tears and so much more that you would have missed out if you choose to die!

even the smallest things in life such as hanging out with your friends, laughing over jokes and crying together are so wonderful!

The struggles in life are just temporary, i believe we will find way of overcoming it when we have so much passion for life.

over every rain, there is always a rainbow and i always believe in this tale!



Sunday, March 16, 2008


well i have been meaning to write a bout this...

u know tht malaysia just had their election... and it was pretty a happy one for the opposition as they won almost 1/3 of the parliement seats... i guess it was a slap on the face for the BN huh? i even saw one of those "funny" sms bout sammy vellu... well well well, too bad for him... if he has done a good job, he wont have such ending...

well but what i wanna say today is not bout the result but rather bout the after math... do u think i am politician? no no, rather i am a foreigner that concern on malaysia's well being.. ha ha ha...

but i guess a lot of bloggers out there, famous one, has spoken bout it.. but one thing tht they missed out is -----> the banners, the posters and everything tht they use for their campaign during the election...

wow! no one actually keep those banners and posters back!! they just leave it like tht... ugh! what is this?????

u won or u lost, still, u need to keep clean malaysia kay??

i am actually sick of seeing those posters and banners being abandoned like tht...

cheh.. like this how to achieve wawasan 2020? 12 more years only wei... wake up man! wake up!!!

or else when 2020 come u guys will say, "we are now having a new vision of wawasan 3030" bah!

Friday, March 14, 2008

i bet all of us hear at least heard morning show with ika, serena C and Pietro before... rite?

well... i dunno why ... i like the show and i dun hate either one of them..

one thing i dislike is the way they critisize people.. ugghh make me wanna punch them in the face..

bleah! they just ruin their show... booo!! if someone reading this and by any chance know them, do let them know..

they are not so perfect after all, so what with all the sarcasm?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

well i guess no one can actually answer my previous post..

well well well.. is it too deep?

i saw this book... leader's daily reading by John C. Maxwell... ahhh i want tht book so badly!

i just had argument with my mom.. boo i am so sad~~

what's wrong with having my own ground to stand? what's wrong with knowing what i wanna do with life? and what's wrong for being single at this age? ya tell me!

today in class... i did something funny and so unexpected..

i was sitting in my class and so bored... so i took my phone and text dikos...

suddenly from behind i heard "ting ting tong tong", someone's phone ringtones... its dikos' phone! i burst into laughter...

i am so sorry..i din know your phone wasnt on silent mode... ooopppsss! *grin*

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

this week was indeed a blessed week for me...

well today a lot of things happened just out of expectation..

hoping the other guy doing fine.. :)

well... actually what i am thinking now is...

what if love turn into burden?

i dunno this sounds crazy and kind like impossible.. love is good, and when you love someone, tht someone wont become a burden to you..

but now..

hypotetically.. what if?


what if love turn into burden?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

addition of the nite.. hehe

wah 3 posts on a row man! i rock! haha..

okay lar.. i cant sleep after the blackout in ridzuan... i just cant sleep when there is no electricity not only it is hot but also i feel stuffed! i hate the feeling hehe..

so to kill my boredom, chintia and i were out just to makan angin.. so we went to k3k in ss15.. and guess what? we met 2 church leaders there... so we joined them.. it was so good to fellowship with ppl that so unexpected one.. we had good laugh and good chit chat..

actually tonite meeting made me wonder and made me think...

did God plan this? i mean, if it is yes, what is the purpose?

sometimes i have a lot of things that i cant understand that i want to ask God... so many things in my mind that i want solution for..

like tonite's accidentally meeting them.. what is just pure coincidence or there is something that God want to show me?

or it is just pure distraction?

well well.. but for now, i just want to enjoy the fellowship... :) if it is God's will then surely God will make a way... :)

well i cant sleep.... haha..


nitezz all!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

focus yunny focus...

focus to God first yunny

focus focus

dont be distracted....

you are doing good...

you are doing great...

you are who you are...

really random...


finally i can online.. but you know what? money talks! i hate this statement but i tell you... it is true in certain govt. company (hint: TM)

we have been visiting TM back and forth for 3 times and our case is to be settled yet... and today they came out with this letter... which i found it very "funny":

this is how the letter written:

Dear Ms. Yunny,

TRANSFER PAYMENT REQUEST: streamyx account No. : 200*****, Login ID: xxx

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

We write in response to you request regarding on transferring you payment of RM*** which you have wrongly made to streamyx account (20060229637002).

Kindly note that you are required to refer this matter directly to the place that you have made the payment, to provide a further assistance in order to transfer back the payment to your account.

We hope the above reverts to you query.

bla bla bla (the rest is crap)

i mean.. come on... only on my third visitation they gave this letter? with no assurance that my money will be transferred?

well i know partly is our fault too but i am the customer! i need services..that is why you all (TM) have customer service! Do not gv me some crap noting that i need to settle my own prob after my third visit..

on top of that, TM is a compromiser.. saying to my friend that everything will be taken care of... its all just load of crap... if you cant do it dont compromise in the first place! making me more angry only!

well.. at least today i can speak out my problem...

and why i said "money talks"? because i made payment for month february before all my money is transferred!

luckily the person who attended us was friendly and kind to help... so half of my anger was reserved for the next time if this kind of problem arise again... ( i am a reasonable person mah!)

well at least the person has sweet smile to attend us... wakaka...

i feel Good to use their lausy service to rant here on my blog.. hahaha.. ironic isnt it?


now.. on the better part..

my mom gave me called last weekend, hereby my little mini 128Mb processor recorded down our conversation:

the mom: loi ar, do you want me to introduce you to a guy? (hint: xiang qing or match making)
me: huh? who oh?
the mom: my friend's friend's son lor, 34 years old this year
me: huh? so old?
the mom: but the dad very rich oh, do lottery business one..
me: hahahaha... so old dont want lar...

the rest of the conversation is not so important for this post*

so.. i have told this cute conversation to few of my friends.. and the responds i got are so so so funny too... most of them said go ahead and i need to work.. wakakaka..

well.. i rather be the dad's daughter wei..i need not to marry a guy i barely know.. and on top of my head i was thinking.. a guy, 34-year-old, well educated and filthy rich (come on, lottery business wei, better than me lar of course) but have no gf till now? must be something wrong..rite? aite?

well... well well.. mommy, its not the time to match make me lar.. unless you find a guy that is rich, 28-29 years old, love and fear God and handsome like patrick dempsey.. then i will of course say yes to you.. BIG YES somemore... no objection and ready to marry that guy at anytime you want it to be...

so mom, stop match make me until further notice ya...

hahhaa.. long post..