Wednesday, April 30, 2008


on monday, i was so stressed up that i ended up shopping in pyramid.. well.. actually i just wanna go walk walk around and look for a bday gift for Eitan... :)

but in the end i decided to buy myself a pair of shoes, been wanting to buy a pair of shoes since cny... ha ha ha... so i bought this shoes from Clarks, im liking it...

chintia and i also spent time at Sasa shop.. haha... i bought evian facial spray, i bought it coz lately my skin get so dry when i am outside :P and the very unexpected thing i bought is vitamin to lengthen my eyelashes.. can u imagine tht? with big eyes i have, my eyelashes was surprisingly very short and its hard for me to put on mascara! not tht i put on mascara everyday but occasionally i do...

wow! its been quite sometimes i really pampered myself with shopping.... i wanted to buy a top too from springfield but i gotta control my spending.. haha..

and i want to get myself a laptop.. dunno wht laptop i can afford.. ugh! i really need one.. my current laptop is so old that i can use it to run any programme for my thesis..

ow ya, and today i show my supervisor a part of the circuit and he said it shouldnt have problem.. i mean i am proud of myself... hahaha..

btw, have you watched The Forbidden Kingdom? i recommend you to watch...i mean its worth the money you spend.. hehe... and i always like jet li's movie... i think he's cool! hehe and very down-to-earth guy... hehe...

i also watched is a sweet movie and really moving.. i really understand how the main character feel, being taken for granted and in the end exploded but feel bad after that... i just heart her.. and the guy? hehe.. he is another guy that has charming eyes.. seriously i have thing for guy with charming eyes.. i think last time, a friend ask me, what thing from a guy tht i will notice first.. i said its the eyes..

well well... i suddenly have the urge to watch sweet romance movies... hahaha...

btw... i am looking up high now.. kekeke.. let those who have ears listen... :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


to my prettiest, sexiest, wittiest and the smartest darling ever..

well... I.MIss.You!!!!!!!!! remember we always scream "i miss you" at each other even when we stay side by side? hahahaha... well i dunno, i think now its the wee hour tht made me to think of you hahahaha...

hey, one day ok one day.. i will fulfill my long overdue promise to go and to find you in melaka...

so when you getting married?hehehehehe....

we have been bz with our lives now but i really want u to know that you always have a place in my heart and time by time i always remember you when i see lala, ayam percik,tomyam, lekor and whenever i heard the word INTI college which apparently have bcome INTI University College (finally...)

we have been apart for God knows how long, and i have not seen you for God knows how long, but you know, melaka and seremban always brought back my memories with you.. (ok how mushy i can go?)

so darling.......... continue to rock on and together we will conquer this world and marry a super rich guy.. (in this case u pretty stuck with tht fella, plz tell me you guys are still together if not now i very paiseh...)

btw.... writing this now, i also miss our chan mei yuan, mark tty, and our beloved thomas yong... hahaha...


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

all bout hair

i am frustated...

i am devastated...


someone has the same, or almost similar, hairstyle with me! ARGH! I become more frustated when my hair is neither short nor long so rite now i cant change my hairstyle! i must at least wait another 3-4 months for another hair make over! ugh! why?! why must you copy my hairstyle?!

so.. well... u must know i have no patience when it comes to hair... and i have no patience when it comes to something that involving someone that i dun pretty like..

anihoot... i hv been looking around for another hairstyle that i wanna do in the next phase...

so, bob cut by far is style quite the in-thing, but many ppl have bob cut and they pretty similar, and i hv been mingling around with bob-cut for almost 2 years.. i mean, to be honest, i have bob cut even since its become the in-thing, again, thanks to Paris...

i love bob-cut, no doubt its cute and not so hard to manage..

i was thinking to do some loose perm... i had it once, tho just partially... hehe was thinking to loose perm my hair.. but what if i dun like it? hehe.. but i saw few magz, it is pretty good hairstyle...

and another choice is to keep it long.. but see i have no patience.. so *pip* its out...

or i can cut some non-symetrical hair cut, but.. see... it needs good hands to bring out the hairstyle... and i am pretty lazy person..

hehe... may be should cut botak! *blink*

actually i have another choice... *smirk*... its to cut her,the copycat, hair and let her be bald... hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and wualah... i have resolved the problem... *smirk*

please pray for me ya so that my hair grow faster....

ow i saw this hat tht i like... hehe... but it was kinda expensive so well... i see it first.. was thinking to buy it for my trip to the big C... *grin*

what hair do i want? few choices.. let me show you...




Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I dream to fly further
I dream to see beyond my limit
I dream to think beyond my imagination
I dream to run steadily
I dream to grow stronger
I dream to change
I dream to walk in faith
I dream to move forward in every circumstances
I dream to be loved and to love
I dream to be forgiven and to forgive
I dream to be a blessing
I dream to be someone that is worthy of Your sight
I know these all no longer dreams, because i have God with me
For He can do exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all i can think or ask for...
For He is my God
For He is the God that sent Israel out from Egypt
For He is Abba Father that gave his only Son
For He is the lover of my soul
For He is my all
For He is my life
I stand here now, with future in my hands and optimism in my mind
I believe i can finish the race...

Monday, April 14, 2008

not for weak stomach.. ngiak ngiak

ermm i took this pic when i just woke up today... i slept like 12 hours today.. i slept at 10pm yesterday and planned to wake up 2 hours later but instead of tht i woke up the next morning... nice to have a long and good sleep after one week with limited sleep.. :)

well as i told u i have been cam whoring a lot.. i dunno why.. guess i just fall in love with myself hahaha... should i show u the result? nah nah nah.. i like to cam whoring for own purpose... or later become a scandal hahahahahahhahahahaha coz i am way too not cute... kakaka... so i just show u one pic onlyyy...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moments Captured

why the middle one so gaya??


eleh, gaya lhoooo....

the aftermath... hehe...

the other table, so messy horr!!!

guess what it is.. hahahaha


Eve and I

another J&J??!!

Kevin, J and J...

the Taylor's Gank

the burfday girls

ooppppsss i got caught!!!

Eve, Jet, I and Doreen

Alice ^^


enjoying makan..

fast fast take before it finish... hehe..

u can see we dont really eat vegie...

Ps. I know the photos not in order haha.. enjoy ^^

For author note: photo taken on the 12th of april 2008.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

ermm... thank GOd tht my money has been bank in... thank GOd so much... very much... hehe..
GOd is good!!!

yesterday i color my hair... so nice, i love the color.. Paris is good..
and today i back to him again to do treatment... and here how the conversation goes:
Me: Got anything to faster my hair growth ar?
Paris : ermm no oh, just do more treatment and massage ur head thoroughly when u wash hair.. and wash hair more often
Me: ugh, i wanna fast fast let my hair grow long and change hairstyle.. i cant take it liao
Paris: haha.. why u so greedy one? u always change ur hairstyle
Me: i got one friend with same hairstyle with me..i dun like
Paris: haha but you are more pretty mah, so its ok
Me: You know my friend meh? *grin*
both of us burst in laughter after that..

haha i mean.. guy can be so sweet-mouthed that they say things without thinking thru.. or tht just a marketing scheme so tht i keep on coming back to him? well btw Paris, you are already my hairstylist ler..

well... i've been cam-whoring a lot lately haha... i think i just in love with myself hahaha...

yesterday had steamboat with all my was good.. good laugh, good eating and good talk.. hahahahahahaha... a lot more to come next...

ok lar gotta back on my study ...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

- terpesonaku pada pandangan pertama -
(Captivated by you at the first sight)

thts something tht i think very sweet.. dunno for how long i've been captured by that one person... no special feeling or whatsoever but i just captivated by tht one person...

rite now my mood really down... so many mixed feelings i have inside... sad+anxious+worry+anger+stress... all become one...

and its not easy for me to cry... not easy really...


This i plead to You my Lord
You know my heart, my tought and my every heart beat...
You listen to my cry..
Give me Your hands Lord...
Give me Your Grace Lord...
Embrace me Lord
Hide me Lord
Mend me Lord

I am still waiting
I am still seeking
I am still believing

regardless of all the circumstances
This i told mysef:
"Your promises is yes and amen!"

I am trusting my all in Your hands
I am believing my all in Your words
I am placing my all in Your Kingdom

I love You Lord,
and i will always be still and know You are God...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

short update

life is so much better after tuesday.. why? coz i have finished my labs by then...

monday is disastrous... i have real time lab tht caused my brain cells to be lessen by 50%! however, i am quite happy as i have almost finished my requirement analysis for thesis, just left with the gantt chart (time lining).. tht would take me another hour to chop chop everything.. and i finished my power assg and let me tell you *cough cough* i done most of the part by myself! *beams* so proud of myself!

I am so happy..... :)

nitez all~~~~

God is good all the time!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

OH dear!

i have few things to do:
-catching up on my thesis progression --> building hardware and learning on the PIC
-ECE4044 assignment - due on week 7
-ECE4908 assignment - due on week 6 (which is next friday)
-ECE2071 - learning on building struct and pointer - ugh!
-ECE4705 assignment - due on april 28 (tough one)
-requirement analysis for thesis - due on next wednesday
-ECE4503 assignment - due on next wednesday

Oh no! assignments are pilling up already! sigh! still can catch up tho...

Buck up ar yunny *slap slap*

Saturday, April 05, 2008

yesterday i had great time hanging out together with all the members.. :p~

started the evening with simple game and ended it up with strong prophesying... i was happy tht everybody enjoyed themselves and really pray strong...

had supper in section 2 i guess? hehe the nasi lemak is awesome, the ayam goreng is fantastic and the place is awfully dirty haha.. but hey, there is a saying in indonesia, "the dirtier the place, the tastier the food is." hahaha.. i think this does apply in malaysia too...

take for example, SS2 murni, one of the most famous yam cha place in selangor, what say u bout the food? awesome rite? the roti hawaii special, the lo shi fun and etc etc.... but let me tell u my story...

one nite, i was eating there, right after i finished my meal, suddenly this cockroach (goodness this is how to spell it?) flew from nowhere to my plate! ugh! gross! i am not scared of cockroach but i just dun like it to fly to my plate even after i finished my food! ahahaha..

why i end up with food review?

i feeling sleepy again now... its 10.33am and now i've been awake since 9++.. whts wrong with me?

ok lar i will update again later... suddenly my brain goes blank.. ugh!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

wow this is like the third post i have for today.. haha but the previous two posts are photo posts, so cut me some slack aite?

well.. this time round i wont keep my hope too high.. however i am still happy for the glimpse of hope tht i have rite now... confusing hor? hehe...

if everything smooth.. i might be going somewhere very far and somewhere i have been dreaming to go to... God, you are so good! hia hia..

by the way, i have been feeling very the weird... i dunno why.. but well, do i care that much?

okay.... as i recalled back, i can precisely say that we are quite close... but now i feel that either one of us are pulling back... yes i feel tht! i am quite sure it is not me who pulling back or keeping distance....

ugh i am super mad at my sis! i told her already to be patient lor! whats the point of me to get the PSP now but still i cant pass it to her till my up coming hols? and now.. she trust my bro's friend more than me??!! Heck!!!! i've been back and forth sg to check the price and now u trust tht fella??? what is this?? well not tht i care.. aniwei, if my bro willing to buy for her so i save lump sum of money also... up to her lar! ugh!!!

hehe i sound quite pissed off... which i dont...

hey btw, do u realise woman tend to say the opposite fact?

if you notice what i have wrote so far... you will see it...

woman like to say, "ugh i think that girl's make up is too much, not tht i care lor."

hummppphhhh, if we dont care why we commented ler? haha... girls are girls... cant change...

another common example, woman like to say this, "i am not angry at you, just that i dont like the way you talk or they way u handle thing (or whatever it is lar)."

true boh?? all the girls please say AYE!

hehe... its true.. i do tht most of the times.... haha..

why cant we just be straight forward ler? why why why?? i think its our nature..

guys are different... thts why i tend to be friend with guy more than with girl...

see, when guys argue or fight, they wont extend it to cold war or whatsoever it is... the next day they will be cool again.. unless it is some very serious matter that revolve around hot chick or death and life (pardon me if i am wrong)...

guys are more easy going... hehehe.. be friend with guys are more relaxing.. guys are not so demanding in my opinion...

well, this apply generally only... not 100% true for every guy ok? some guy act like girl! haha.. some only ok some only....

ok lar.. i gotta go...

i have tonnes of thing to do and i am here blogging.. goodness...


I'm so grateful that God is wonderful creator...

it took my breathe away for few seconds as i saw this magnificent and beautiful scenery of sunset...
now, who said sunset only can be seen at the beach?
our forever-jam-packed federal highway also have this beautiful sunset ok? but of course not everyday lar....
For He is the alpha and the omega,
the Creator of Heaven and earth.

Garett Godwin

*cheeky smile* i heart him...

the youngest barca player to be? hahaha...

p.s he is only 5 months old and he is this big????? *grin*