Monday, January 25, 2010

A little wish upon the stars

Halo... hehehe i know i know that so many of you out there miss me (yeah right, like there is ppl reading this blog)...

Aniway, I mentioned about writing new blog, but due to my timing I cant start it yet.. And, now I have in mind far more interesting project.

For this year, I din set many goals, but I set, instead, two.. wait THREE big goals for 2010. what are they?

1. Some of you might have known by now that I am planning to open my own dessert shop. So I am focusing myself on realizing this plan. :) My 2 friends and I are working on this project.

2. To draw near and to love God more each day. It is a very broad goal but I have in mind what to do(s).

3. To settle down! ha ha ha need I to explain more? Those of you who close to me know that I've been wanting to hear my own wedding bells (not others) ha ha ha.. and God, I pray, You know me more than myself... Please let me be a beautiful-charming-cute-sweet bride by 2011... Please let me find someone that I want to love, I want to care for, and I want to share all my laughter and tears together for the rest of my days.

yeah those are my 3 goals.

Since I came back Indonesia, I have been truly blessed in many ways.

I have learn to know what would my life be without God, I have learn to draw a line between lust and desire, I have learn to be more patience and now I am yet to learn to be more loving.

In all my imperfections, God still sees me as His perfect creation. In all my imperfections God still accepted me. I learn to forgive myself. I have learn to forgive others but there is one I forgot to forgive all these while, myself. It is crucial, as I forgive myself, I made peace with myself and I enjoy my walk with God more.

I wanna thank God, thank Pastor Kevin, Shirley Boon and Sandy Tay who have been a great friend for me. Apart from God, these 3 people are the ones that helped me through my hardship in 2009.

on the happier side, my friend Juju is getting married this Nov. We all are so excited and happy for her. Having your best friend to have her moment is so delightful.

There is a bit of envy but hey, who wouldn't? It is every girl (normal ones) dream. To wear that white dress, beautifully walking down the aisle to meet the man who is waiting at the altar, adoring you as you walk down that aisle.

Come on.. apart from all the stress of the preparation, the moment to walk down that aisle is my dream. :)

God, I pray, I really wanna be a bride, a wife...I not only want wedding but marriage, a beautiful, anointed, God-fearing marriage. I want to be a loving wife to my husband, a loving mother to my son (will be named Gregory) and daugther (not yet named), a loving daugther in law to me in laws, a loving daugther to my parents. God, I uphold this desire to Your hands. *blush*

Ok aniwei... he he he.. its 11.18pm... I am going to sleep... Cant believe how early I sleep these days...


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